The GOOD, bad, and ugly can either be your worst nightmare or a business owner's dream when it comes to how your customers feel about your services.  Because we pride ourselves on the work we do, it shows in word of mouth advertising that our customers do for us.  Word of mouth has been our best form of advertising and that's a GOOD thing.  Check out some of the comments our customers have left for us.


This guy is the best. The absolute best. If your faucet leaks, or your toilet explodes, please, please, call him!

-Nick M, Portland, OR.




We had a clogged toilet over the weekend, and were reduced to taking our "business" to neighborhood public restrooms. Boo!Craig called back early Monday morning (responding to a panic-y Sunday evening call), made it over by 12:30 that day and snaked the crapper out in 15 minutes. As he charges a minimum hour for any service call, I had him also fix the toilet handle, look at a leaky kitchen faucet and replace an outdoor faucet, all of which he managed to do in the hour I was paying him for: excellent!Professional, personable, reasonable rates. I can't think of why I'd ever call anybody else with a plumbing problem.

-Kurt S, Portland OR.


These guys are wonderful! On a long lunch break I was cooking and had a glass fall into the disposal and shatter. Embarrassed, a new homeowner with zero plumbing experience, I called around. I learned quickly that plumbers can be booked out two weeks in advance. But Craig Anderson Plumbing put me on hold for maybe a minute, while they called all their guys out in the area. Lo and behold one was about finished at a nearby location. They explained that they charge one hour minimum, and that they'd have a similar disposal with them in case I wrecked it (I didn't, phew). The nicest plumber (Wes) was at my house within a half hour, fixed the disposal in 20 minutes or less, and then walked me through a handful of other small fixes around my 1950's home since I would be charged for an hour anyway. Honest, nice, knowledgeable guys. Thanks.  -Katie N, Portland OR

I've used Craig Anderson two times now, both times exceeded my expectations and any former experience. I've also called them for advice about replacing a water heater in a rental property in a different state and they didn't hesitate to give me information that informed my decision. I will recommend these guys to any day.  

-Samual C, Portland OR.

Craig Anderson has been my "go to" plumber for years . Whether it is a routine plumbing problem or a broken pipe that needs immediate attention( like yesterday) , this company has continuously exceeded my expectations. They are friendly, timely, knowledgeable, accommodating and provide thorough troubleshooting as well as fixing the problem at hand. They are worth every penny.I recommend them wholeheartedly.

-Mary E, Lake Oswego OR.

I Was very happy with Craig. He set up our new bathroom fixtures quickly and gave us some great advice on our remodel. He also helped with a leaky kitchen faucet and was proficient and pleasant. If I need to call a plumber again it's going to be this guy.

-Tiffany T, Beaverton OR.

He is my plumber for life!

-Adelle G, Portland OR

My house was built in 1942...the problems I have cannot even be touched in this small review. Let me just say that Craig wil be my plumber for life. I have used 4 plumbers in the last 9 years I have lived in my house....they are all lazy and shisters. Craig is an honest, hard working, reasonable rockstar! I am a huge fan of Craig Anderson Plumbing.

-Leann H, Portland OR.

Based on other's reviews we called Craig for some small jobs on our recently vacated rental. He was timely and just such a great guy! He is now our plumber for life! His rates were very reasonable...-Adelle G, Portland OR.


Quick to call me back, quick to come to my house. Good work. Average price. Good plumber.

-Jessica S, Portland OR.

One of the few contractors that I consider to be recommended without reservations. They are a little expensive but they get it done right the first time with efficiency, expertise, and everything you should expect in a professional service company. They are amazing at troubleshooting what seem to be entirely mysterious problems! I could not figure out why my island sink was leaking. They traced it back to a splashy faucet whose water was hitting the counter and then dripping down a push button switch for the disposer. It was a crazy link of domino effects and solved by a simple bead of caulk.

-Rachel G, Portland OR.

To much of a good thing.....?

It's great to have so much work.  Being in demand is every business owner's dream.  Unfortunatley the down side of that is that occasionally you can't satisfy everyone.  There are times when we have to refer work out to another service provider.   We have a very select list of service providers that we trust to refer you to.  If we are too busy to get to an immediate plumbing issue that you have, we are happy to hand you over to  a service provider that we feel has similiar work ethics that we do.  




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